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White Mushroom Curated Packages

New Delhi, 24 February 2020 – White Mushroom Holidays, a travel start-up that runs a chain of boutique hotels, in the affordable category, has introduced curated experiences across multiple cities in India. These personalized & curated experiences include local sightseeing, trekking, and jungle safari with tenured drivers, rooftop dinners, luxury tents, bonfire, folk dances, DJ/music, local transfers, scuba diving, water sport etc. The company has introduced these curated experiences at the locations they operate from – Himachal, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan & Goa. 

According to Sunil Sreedharan–Director, White Mushroom Holidays, “Curated or personalized experiences is the emerging travel trend globally;   In India, this market is still at a nascent stage & untapped”. He further added that “We have seen an increase of interest amongst the new-age travelers trying novel & out-of-box experiences. So, seeing this huge market potential, we have introduced curated experiences such as water sports & scuba diving in Goa; Night Jungle Safari, Night photography in Jaipur, that enhances the overall experience. Our focus has been on families, corporate, couples, groups in fact anyone who is looking for true value for money instead of just going for the cheapest.”

In the words of a Prateek Kumar who went with his team to Kasauli “We went trekking to Karol Ka Tibba near Kasauli and the entire team were excited about the thrill of exploring the terrains and testing our endurance. The highlight was the live cooking at the top of the hill by their cooks. The entire experience was so different to the usual trips that we had been to before.”

According to the SOTC India Holiday report, 88% of Gen Z, 86% of Gen Y, 91% of Gen X and 86% of Senior Citizen Indian travelers’ value the personalization, flexibility and customization. Indian travelers are actively moving away from the rigid travel itinerary structures with unique experiences that they wish to explore & discover. 

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