5 Reasons to Read Graphic Novels

Author: Girija Jhunjhunwala, Director, Campfire Graphic Novels

Modern lifestyle and hustled life schedule are vanishing the art of reading which used to be a habit amongst many at some point in time. If you are a parent, you would already know how difficult of a task it is to instil the habit of reading in kids. With the moving times, there is a change in reading style as well. Whilst there is a shift from print to digital reading, there is also a shift from long content to shorter content. Pressed by the time, modern day readers are always hunting for something easy and quick to read. This is where the concept of graphic novels fit in.

Those who are new to the world of graphic novels, it can be perceived as a comic book with more length and seriousness added to the content. Graphic novels make use of illustrations along with words to unfold a story. Here are 5 reasons why you should explore the world of graphic novels:

  • Consumes less time: For the children who are impatient and are difficult to be tied to one single place to read a long novel, a graphic novel comes as a great reading option. The graphic novels are quick to read and do not require much of your concentration. The story depicted via illustrations makes it catchier and interesting to make kids get tied to it and read.
  • Introduces You to The World of Reading: To those who have always been apprehensive of reading those lengthy, thick novels, it is time you dive into the world of graphic novels. The interesting and engaging way of illustrating a story in a graphic novel gives birth to a reader in many.
  • Helps You Explore Distant Lands: Reading is no less than travelling. This holds even more meaning if you are a graphic novel reader. The new cultures spoken in the novel and shown via colourful images makes you imagine and understand them way better than you might read them in a regular text-based novel. There could be a language barrier too in other novels while reading about some new culture. However, images in a graphic novel make it easy to grasp even when words are different and new.
  • Enriches Vocabulary: Unlike heavy text-based novels, graphic novels are a blend of images and words which makes the selection of words done with utmost care and attention. Since the words are chosen quite precisely, the vocabulary and language of graphic novels is of great quality. If you are introducing your kids to graphic novels, they are likely to grasp a good command over the language in no time.  
  • Spread Across the Genres: Unlike comic books, graphic novels are diverse in nature. They do not restrict themselves to one genre and have been found spread across genres like history, comedy, mythology, fantasy etc. If you are someone who love to read variety but have paucity of time to go to long novels, graphic novels would be a great source to satisfy your reading gluttony.

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