New Delhi/ 17 February 2021: Be it with or without your masks on, AIESEC- the world’s largest youth-run organization, has never ceased to spread smiles of peace and fulfillment among thousands of beings. Yet again, going above and beyond to take ownership of what they embrace, AIESEC in Delhi University has walked an extra mile to activate the leadership qualities in youth. Racing past all the unpredictabilities of what time had to offer recently, the organization manifested its sincere resonance with young minds and the series of opportunities they have missed out on in this pandemic. Striding to take youth on the beautiful journey, AIESEC has come up with the most awaited event of the year- ‘COSMOS- An unbounded reality’ on 20th and 21st February 2021.

This two-day event aims to develop leadership qualities among youth, embarking them on a journey like never before. The team has meticulously contrived all sessions and spaces in a manner that its audience experiences perfect exposure to both the corporate and social spheres. The AIESEC community believes self-awareness to be the rung of utmost importance in the ladder of leadership. Being absolutely incessant in its approach, team COSMOS has fabricated the most mindful events. It wishes to transfer its audience to a place, far away from the pressures of the convention.

Expressing its views on how youth has been impacted in these uncertain times, the organization holds ‘Resilience’ as the only key to it. Now more than ever, we need to adapt to such environments and counter challenges, the pandemic has left behind. Its upcoming major event’Cosmos’ promises to deliver this key of resilience and empower today’s youth to surpass all rocky roads, their journey ahead might hold. The team has intelligently planned its target audience and is calling out all the youth power between 16-25 years to witness how revolutionary the event would turn out to be. It welcomes all individuals who are determined to develop themselves and willing enough to make an invaluable impact. The event desires to gather all like-minded individuals, striving for excellence at one place to build an irreplaceable atmosphere. Diving into details, the event would go on for 4 hours, making each second worth it. The spaces have been designed to be skilfully synergetic and expect its audience to both express and interact.

Besides, standing accountable to these times, the team has painstakingly shifted the mode of the event to virtual. The conference would be 100% virtual, making it reachable to everyone, everywhere.

Uncovering the most awaited revelation, this AIESEC event ‘Cosmos’ has yet again outdone itself. The planning team has broken all the set standards after coming up with the most unusual event line-up ever. Its major highlights include:

Sex Tawk: Giving a hard smash to all the myths that have been mystifying the world since the historic past, the organization has invited none other than the pro- Dr.TanayaNarendra. This platform will specifically liberate individuals of all myths associated with the subject.

Living Library: This is an exceptionally emotional space intended to make the audience lend their years to some of the most amazingly, engaging real-life stories from people all across.

Art therapy: The space involves carefree doodling to free the audience of whatever dormant, negative emotions they might have stored fora long. It’s like the playground for the youth to erase their limitations and exceed their goals.

Open Mic: This space is for young upcoming stars to showcase their talents- be it singing, stand-up comedy, beatboxing, poetry, or story-telling, and to gain more confidence.

Additionally, team COSMOS has been ultra- diligent to make sure that its audience has a gala fun time — with musicians, gaming spaces, and much more.

AIESEC in Delhi University is giving a shout out to all youth who want to sail in this boat called leadership and change the world.

Sign-up for the event today,as only limited spots are left:

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