Because tomorrow is today

This World Water Day, Grundfos India, a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology, has taken proactive steps to create awareness about water conservation.

In line with this year’s World Water Day theme ‘Nature and Climate Change’, Grundfos India has released short, informative videos that encourage viewers to conserve water. The theme of this campaign is ‘Because tomorrow is today’, highlighting the importance of saving this precious resource for the future generations. These videos feature instances from our daily life on how water gets wasted and ways to address it by taking simple measures.

  • It’s all connected – Water belongs to all of us. Use it responsibly
  • Saving a drop today can quench your thirst tomorrow

Considering that water and energy are interlinked, Grundfos has also advocated the sustainable use of energy resources through the below video:

  • Use energy efficiently. Small acts can make a big difference

Commenting on this campaign, Saravanan Panneer Selvam, General Manager, INDO Region, Grundfos India said, “With a booming world population, the world needs new ways to better utilize its limited resources like water. Through this campaign we would like to address the growing water crisis by highlighting the urgency to act now. The future of our next generations lies in our hands and how we best protect and conserve our water resources today.”

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