Breaking the taboo with Katha

New Delhi, 28 May 2020 – In these COVID-19 times, Katha – an organization that has been creating Reader-Leaders, since 1988 – continues to work with, and for our communities, extending support to those, who stand in dire need for the same.

In a recent survey conducted by the Katha SRI (Slum Resurgence Initiative) team, it was learnt that ~50% of women and adolescent girls were struggling to get access to menstrual hygiene products during these current, challenging times. A recent rapid survey conducted by the Menstrual Health Alliance of India (MHAI) confirmed that 62 percent of respondents claimed that access to menstrual hygiene products via regular channels had become challenging in the communities. 

We learnt that several adolescent girls were dependent on their schools for access to sanitary napkins but due to the current lockdown, they are reverting to the use of cloth pads. Additionally, the current cash crunch amongst families has pushed the need for menstrual hygiene products to the bottom of the list.

To combat the current challenges, Katha’s team has undertaken the distribution of sanitary napkins via collaborations with prominent organizations such as The Paddling Foundation and SEWA Bharat. These organizations provide sanitary napkins that are further distributed by community leaders, trained by Katha’s team, within their communities.

Katha has always believed in promoting hygienic behaviours and a clean environment through our exciting ‘Supergirls’ series. Supergirls Find A Solution is our widely appreciated publication that highlights menstrual health management and inspires children of all ages to consciously think about hygiene. Through the power of stories, we continue to reach young girls through online platforms during these challenging times. The book is, currently, available in English, Hindi and Telugu versions for various audience.

The book is available at a nominal price on

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