Digital solutions helping people stay in shape

New Delhi, 6 May 2020 – The ongoing lockdown is the new normal in our lives. As the country fights to keep the deadly virus at bay by staying indoors, the fitness habits and routines of people have been impacted and set to change. With no opportunity to venture out to their fitness studios or gyms and future-looking uncertain, many are finding out ways to remain active and fit in the safe environs of their homes.

Pankaj Arora, MD, GeoSpa Fitness/ Technogym India, a gym equipment designing company says, “Fitness is a passion that must be cultivated regularly. Restrictions, weather conditions, lack of time and a lack of desire are just some of the factors that can prevent many fans from training. A good alternative for many is to train in the familiarity of their own home.  Whether your goal is athletic preparation or the simple pleasure of staying fit, with Technogym’s multiple options you can train in the peace and quiet of your own home.”

Technogym has launched a fitness app, TW (TWellness) – an ideal platform for home users with multiple training solutions ranging from Easy, Medium and Pro. The app also allows its users access to specialized sessions conducted by master trainers of Technogym across the globe.

“In these challenging times, our digital platform allows fitness clubs to offer training and coaching programs to their customers at home thanks to Mywellness app. As many researches show, club members who have the opportunity to train also at home, prove to be more loyal to the club in the medium-long term. Even if for a period of time they are unable to attend the facility, then they are more likely to return because they have not lost their training habit “, explains Arora.

In order to make the best use of this technology, Technogym is offering a free consultancy service to all the clubs registered in Mywellness and to operators interested in learning more on the platform.

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