EBTL announced global expansion in five countries

EBTL, one of the leading companies in home, corporate and hospitality automation, announced expansion in five countries over last one year. In addition to their growing popularity in India, EBTL’s automation solutions now has a loyal following in Oman, UK, USA, Europe as well as in South East Asia.

This strategic expansion in International market has scalable potential which was necessary for the company’s anticipated growth in the longer term. EBTL (Engineer Bringing Technology to Life) began with a simple idea of making shock-proof switches but the concept evolved over the years into a wall mounted smart switch called Amour. Along with the global expansion, company has also launched new range of products like switching, light dimmers and guest room management systems.

EBTL has proved itself in providing the best quality products to its customers. The company’s automation solutions are all locally manufactured and have an ability to transform a standard residence or office into a smart automated one. The tech enabled system takes up minimal time to be installed and greatly increases the accuracy. The products are also used in thousands of residences, offices, and hotels across India and overseas as they are conducive to use.

Speaking about EBTL’s growing base of customers in India and expansion abroad, EBTL founder Monish Salhotra said, The market for automation products has been rapidly evolving and the demand for automation products has increased across India and in other countries. We have strengthened our business and product portfolio over the last few years. We have been dedicated to understanding the needs of our consumers through in-depth research and analysis to bring innovative and stylish products that meet their lifestyle needs. We are hopeful that this expansion will open newer horizons and we will achieve many more milestones”

“At EBTL, we believe – Strength and growth comes from consistent perseverance and hard work”. Monish added.

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