Human Resource practices and innovation in the education industry

Ritesh Rawal – Founder of Dudes & Dolls World, Adhyay School, and Ritesh Rawal Foundation

By Ritesh Rawal

Traditionally the education sector has been looked at as a sector, which has been designed to contribute towards the social upliftment by making a strong foundation for the future by leveraging tools to educate people in different age groups starting from early childhood to post graduate level. 

At the core it will continue to serve the same purpose but the way things have happed in last 10-15 years has changed the landscape of a lot things within the education sector.  Some of the very significant changes that have taken place in the education sector in last 10-15 years in India are:

1)     Organized privatization: In the last 10-15 years there have been many new entrants in the education space, and some of them have chosen this sector by diversifying from their core sector. Since these players were very successful in their other ventures and they brought certain best practices of their own which has made this sector more organized and it has created very good competitive environment and if others have to compete it can only be based on “innovation” as a competitive advantage. And those who have been in the sector for a long time and have been able to innovate have a lot more advantage since they combine experience and innovation which the new entrants may lack in the initial years, so the traditional and experienced players are also lifting the game up which is ultimately going to be very beneficial for the students and parents.

2)     Availability of Talent:  Teaching or being in the education sector in any role now a days, is as demanding as working in any other sector and there is a lot of energy in the sector, there are growth opportunities if you perform well, there is a career progression plan. All these factors have made education sector lucrative for the talent available. And a lot of people show interest in joining education sector from other industries.   

3)     Parents awareness: Due to a lot of options and changes in the industry parent’s awareness about the education as a subject has improved a lot.  This clearly reflects when they ask questions at the time of admission or when they meet teachers during the parent’s teacher meet or when they share feedback about any aspects of the education, they understand things and bring their own perspective to each discussion and it is a very constructive sign.

How did all these changes impacted HR and led to the innovation?

HR and the erstwhile education sector:

In the erstwhile education scenario HR was looked at more from a personnel department in which it was responsible primary for hiring and day-to-day query resolutions and it was an extended part of administration department and the supply of talent to the education sector was also of a fixed nature in terms of basic qualification etc and factors such as attrition, talent management, engagement were not looked at so significantly.

But the scenario has changed, gone are the days when the factors such as attrition, talent management, succession planning, learning and development, employee engagement would not matter to an education institute be it of any level, due to tough competition it is really challenging to attract talent, once your have the right people on board it is important to onboard them correctly, the keep building their competencies and contribute in their growth.

      In the new scenario HR department is no more a part of extended administration department, it is a complete department in itself and it is constantly motivated to do innovating things so that it can lead to impact in the overall organization. People are the backbone of running an education institute successfully; therefore an HR department that is constantly pushing itself towards innovation would be able to implement its role and the one, which is still functioning as an extension of administration department would struggle in managing the new age talent.

The Writer of this article is the Founder of Dudes & Dolls World, Adhyay School, and Ritesh Rawal Foundation, Ritesh Rawal is also the Innovator of World’s 6th Education Philosophy “Manifestism”.

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