Impact of Coronavirus outbreak on the lives of the underprivileged children

Author: Richa Prasant

As coronavirus cases continue to spread across the globe, the Indian government has taken some strong precaution measures. The government has extended the lockdown all over the country in order to stop the deadly Covid-19 virus getting spread amongst its citizens. As the world faces severe health crises, each and every section of the society is getting equally affected by this virus. The covid-19 outbreak has lead to massive destruction on the economy and the lives of the poor underprivileged people.

Meanwhile, doctors and policemen are on the frontline, working for the safety of the citizens there are several people especially children who are getting exaggerated from coronavirus outbreak. Lives of many underprivileged children are getting worsen day by day as the cases increase. Though the coronavirus has resulted in less severe cases among children, it can devastate their lives in a different way. Millions of children are living in a vulnerable state and their poor family condition is leading them to live in a miserable situation. The lives of underprivileged children are trapped in poverty and hunger. Their lives have become restricted under the broken shattered shelters.

The underprivileged children are the ones who are suffering the most as the Covid-19 outbreak has congested all the social activities. The Covid-19 outbreak has left people with no choice but to stay at their homes so that they don’t get affected by the virus. As the number of cases increases day-by-day, a major chunk of the population is unable to fulfill their basic needs. They are not in a position to isolate or distance themselves and are deprived of food and essential safety measures. Many children relied on the meals that they used to get from schools or NGOs but since the lockdown has been imposed all around, everything has come to end for these children.

The families are dependent on low paid and unstable work due to which they are not able to survive in a healthy way. Their few savings are not enough to meet the current situation and feed their families resulting in which they are forced to starve. For families living in poor conditions, their missing income directly leads to the missing meals. Children are deprived of safety kits and basic necessities. This automatically leads to their chances of getting infected more easily.

The illness caused by the novel coronavirus has ultimately made the situation more severe for underprivileged children. Despite the fact that the government is taking all necessary steps to combat the virus, there are several reasons why poor underprivileged children are the ones facing the most. The unprecedented lockdown has stung million of poor children leaving them in a horrible situation as it has resulted in the loss of livelihood, food, shelter, and basic needs. It is very significant to take appropriate steps for all those children whose families cannot afford even basic facilities so that their future can be saved from getting damaged.

The author is Founder of Sunaayy Foundation

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