Jubilant Biosys expands collaboration with Sanofi for the CNS treatment area

The collaboration aims to discover small molecule inhibitors of neurological diseases

Jubilant Biosys, a Bengaluru-based subsidiary of Jubilant Life Sciences, today announced a new integrated collaboration with Sanofi for drug discovery for the CNS treatment area. The first partnership with Sanofi, launched in 2016, was dedicated to the discovery and development of small molecule inhibitors for multiple targets in the metabolic disease therapeutic area.

The new research collaboration focuses on the discovery of small molecule therapeutics for previously unmet needs in the field of neurological disorders. Jubilant Biosys will assist Sanofi with its integrated drug discovery platform to identify lead candidates with drug discovery services.

Marcel Velterop, President of Jubilant Drug Discovery Services and CDMO, said, “We are delighted and honored to have been selected by a Sanofis-based pharmaceutical company for their innovative support to the clinic, a testament to the high quality of science and performance that we offer Jubilant has acquired over the past decade, and as part of our growth strategy, we have committed to continue to build on our strengths in the discovery of new, world-class integrated medicines. “

Rita Balice-Gordon, Global Head of Rare and Neurologic Diseases, commented, “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Jubilant, a new partnership that underscores Sanofi’s commitment to the discovery of new neurological disorders that are currently unmet in the world Therapeutics exist. “

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