Likee partners with Think Music to promote Hiphop Tamizha’s new Break Up song

Likee launches #BreakupChallenge to invite Indian youth

New Delhi, December 10, 2019: Think Music, the Chennai based music production company with focus on South Indian soundtracks, has collaborated with Likee, the pioneering global short-video creation platform from Singapore based BIGO Technology to promote HiphopTamizha’s music video #BreakUpSong. To invite Likeers to enjoy the newly released song, Likee has launched the #BreakupChallenge using which youths are creatively expressing their love break-up stories. The challenge has received more than 4 lakh views.

The Break-Up song is a part of a highly anticipated upcoming Tamil movie called Naan Sirithal with lead actors Hiphop Tamizha Adhi and Iswarya Menon. The YouTube video of the music was released on December 7, 2019, and has already crossed 1.6 million views, till date. Besides, Think Music has also collaborated with Likee to promote the movie Naan Sirithal and Likeers can expect an ongoing engagement activity on the platform. To add more fun, Likee will also launch an innovative photo video sticker on December 10, 2019. Similarly, more exciting challenges and filters are set to be rolled out on a time-to-time basis to reveal interesting aspects of the upcoming movie.

Fondly embraced by millions of Indians, Likee is gaining popularity in the entertainment industry as a viable platform to connect and engage with the youths of India across the country. The rising number of collaboration with movie production houses, music video producers and more, Likee has been able to further shorten the connecting distance between the movie/music enthusiasts and the actors, directors, singers and the other inspiring figures.

Likee is available in different Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi. Recently, Likee has also won the Guinness World Record for creating the ‘Largest online video album of people waving a flag in India’ during its ‘No matter where I am, #IAMINDIAN’ campaign. The campaign saw more than 1 lac Indians participating in celebrating India’s 73rd Independence Day. The platform also announced launch of exciting new app function, FaceFace which utilizes Likee’s mature AI technology.

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