Likee: The must have mobile app for 2020 and ahead

With each passing year, the realm of social media is expanding, and new possibilities are emerging more frequently. In all that the social media has to offer us, short video apps are proving to be winning platforms in the current era. The buzz around short video creation has taken over the youths across the globe, who are enthusiastically capturing their skills and life moments to give them a magical twist with easy video making tools available on tap. One such platform that is gaining widespread popularity is Likee by Singapore based BIGO Technology that was launched in 2017, and today it has emerged as one of the top 10 most downloaded apps in the world (As per Sensor Tower report, Dec 2019). 

Likee is continuously improving its offerings and has become an addictive platform for many. Whether it is about app’s look and feel, online campaigns, an extensive list of AR stickers or exciting #challenges, the app is bullish in its approach to make a unique place into the hearts of people. Let us have a look into some factors on why Likee is a must-have mobile app for the year 2020.

Make your dreams come true

A unique aspect of Likee is that it makes our social media surfing activity more meaningful. Recently, the platform had launched an initiative called #Likeedreams, which is still live. Under this initiative, the platform is discovering some select talented Likee users who are on a mission to make a large-scale social impact and is giving them a special call-out to expand their reach. For instance, Anmol Rodriguez, an acid attack survivor who is focused on uplifting the spirits of other acid attack victims with various ventures is leveraging Likee platform to raise her voice among the right set of audience. With help from Likee, she has been able to reach in every nook and crannies of India voicing her opinion on self-worth and is spreading awareness among people of all strata in our society.

Do you have a dream for which you are working hard? Then be a part of Likee platform, and you could be the next one to emerge as #Likeedreams star.

Claim your fame

Likee is a global platform, and it is insanely popular among Indian youths who log onto the app to get their daily dose of infotainment. Today the platform has a ready audience that is enthusiastically looking forward to exciting content. Many talented people have found fame for their unique talent via Likee videos, and have gained massive fan-following for themselves. For instance, Megha Prasad, an enthusiastic actor and dancer, has earned close to 4.53 million followers on Likee by showcasing her talent. She is very active in sharing entertaining Likee videos on various campaigns. For her dedication and talent, Megha has gained a special status on Likee and is often seen with big celebrities from Bollywood who collaborate with Likee to promote their movies. She continues to win the hearts of Likee users with her impeccable facial expressions and astounding dancing moves.

Connect with your favourite movie star

A glance at the previous year reveals that Likee has emerged as a hot-bed to promote latest Bollywood, Pollywood and Tollywood movies as well as music albums. With major focus on engaging with the youth of India, more number of production houses are collaborating with Likee to plan unique promotional activities including a chance to meet lead actors or singers for lucky winners. Every now and then, Likee influencers and lucky users are often seen meeting and making entertaining videos with movies stars. You can too grab a chance to meet your favourite movie star by participating in various Likee campaigns powered by production houses!

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