Likee’s Parental Controls feature empowers parents to filter content exposure

Launched in 2017 in India, Likee is a prominent global short video creation platform that offers cutting-edge special effects video shooting and editing tools. The app is widely popular amongst the youth of India, who actively participate in online social campaigns and #challenges presented by Likee on a time-to-time basis. Besides dedicating its efforts to encourage positive content, Likee is also focusing on creating a safe environment for online activities on its platform. Recently, the platform had launched ‘Parental Controls’ feature to enable parents and guardians for to filter content for underage teen users. 

This development came after the platform rebranded itself from LIKE to Likee, adding an extra ‘e’ denoting a promise to deliver more valuable content for its users in India. It is a critical step towards Likee’s objective to emerge as the most significant positive media-centric social media app. Coming back to the Parental Controls feature- it is simple to apply, and a password protects the whole process of activating or de-activating the functionality. Parents or guardians can follow the steps mentioned to use the content filter:

– Open Likee app and tap on Settings 

– Locate the ‘Parental Controls’ option and tap on the same    

– Now, select ‘Enable Parental Controls’

– A screen will pop-up to set a password; Set the password and confirm the password to enable the Parental Controls

To ensure the continuous impact of the feature, parents will have to change the password every seven days. Once the Parental Controls function is enabled, the user will not be able to send/receive private messages and cannot view live-streaming videos as well as news pushing. Other features such as profile view option under ‘Nearby’ section, pop-up messages, the discovery of the user’s profile will be blocked. Also, the users with active parental control feature will bind be bind with a limit to purchase internal currency of Likee called diamonds and beans. The controls will alter user experience within each section available in the app. 

As a platform, Likee has topped various app store charts and has created multiple milestones with its popular virtual events and #challenges. Likee’s constant endeavour is to encourage young Indians to utilize the platform to achieve their life goals and to inspire others positively. Hence, Likee is taking all the necessary steps to ensure safe usage of its platform and to create a positive impact.

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