Likee’s popular ‘Dr Aaloo’ out to combat coronavirus through short video app

Sub head: Altaf is earning to the tune of more than Rs 7 lakh per month through Likee

Medical science is the biggest boon to mankind, and doctors are considered second just to the almighty. And a doctor becomes a better healer when he couples medicines with humour and laughter. One such medic is 24-year-old Altaf Hussain from Purnea in Bihar, whose efforts have been aided by Likee, the pioneering short video platform by Singapore-based BIGO Technology Pte Ltd. And at a time when the world is battling presumably the worst-ever health crisis with coronavirus, the Likeer has decided to use the platform for spreading awareness about the dreaded global pandemic.

Altaf was introduced to Likee by one of his hometown friends, who herself was a creator on the app. At the onset, he posted some hilarious videos, using various songs and dialogues from films. Additionally, he also posted videos about life in Philippines, where he studied medical science. In his videos, Altaf captured buzzing marketplaces and scenic beauty of the country.

As the journey proceeded, Likee became a launchpad for Altaf to start his own agency. The various functions of the agency include recruiting influencers and creators for Likee. And as a hosting agent, Altaf is responsible for Likee Live, a feature that makes the platform different from other short video apps. The agency is also a sought-after troubleshooter for Likeers, as they often come with their queries regarding the app and seek suggestions to expand their growth. “We help Likee users with suitable information and also aid them to grow on Likee,” says Altaf. Besides, Likee also helped Altaf come up with an incubated studio.

The Likee-backed agency and his constant efforts have resulted in Altaf earning to the tune of more than Rs 7 lakh per month.

Hopeful of his bonhomie with Likee remaining intact, ‘Dr Aaloo’ would like to further develop the app videos and livestream, making it powerful and popular among masses.

The tale of Altaf yet again emphasizes the acceptance as well as the life-altering impact of Likee among common man.

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