Lovely Professional University Collaborates with Jungleworks for LPU Live

Jalandhar, 15 January 2020 – Lovely Professional University organised its Annual two-day Conference ‘Share the Vision- 2019’ recently where they celebrated the placement day of 2020 along with 380 teachers and faculty members. 

At the event, they unveiled a collaboration with Jungleworks’s exclusive chat-support solution FUGU that has allowed them to streamline the communication process within the university and also channel it to a single platform LPU Live. With features like advanced searches, real-time push notifications, group & private chats, audio/video calling, file & screen sharing and others, this application will now be used by LPU’s students, teachers and faculty members to keep the communication process quick, simple and easy. The university would leverage this application to provide complete, up-to-date curriculum online, regularly update attendance, make announcements, polls, calendar invites and much more. 

At the launch, LPU Chancellor, Mr Ashok Mittal said, “This is a step forward in a direction to take the entire process online and make it easier. Considering everybody now-a-days is tech savvy, it only made sense for us to impart the updates and information through a single platform in order to avoid any form of delays and confusion. Also, in order to make our graduating students well-equipped, we have updated our curriculum to be in line with Industry expectations and this is also a part of the same thought process. which involves inclusion of the latest and emerging technologies.” 

About the collaboration Samar Singla, CEO & Founder of Jungleworks, “This is an attempt to transform the academic scene and take it up a notch with the help of technological means available today. I think if there’s a time and age to leverage it, that would be today. Hence, the collaboration only made sense and is also a major step towards transforming the academic scene.”

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