‘Made in India’ Carbon Scanner crosses 100k Downloads in just 1 week

New Delhi, 16 July 2020 – Recently the Indian government banned 59 Chinese applications due to security reasons. As asked by our honourable Prime Minister to make our nation more self-reliant, Indian mobile app studio KShark Apps has taken the lead and published multiple Indian alternatives for the banned apps. One of their apps, Carbon Scanner is trending and has now crossed 100k downloads in 7 days.

KShark Apps is a brainchild of Indian Entrepreneur Kartik Sharma who left his corporate job to start and grow an India based Mobile App Studio. Since officially starting its operations in 2017, the mobile studio has grown to receive 12 million downloads for its various applications. Their recent app Carbon Scanner is trending in top charts just 2 weeks after its release and getting 15k downloads every day.

Carbon Scanner belongs to a category of Document Scanner applications which turn the phone of the user into a high quality camera scanner with realistic filters. It uses cutting-edge Cloud OCR technology to convert the scanned document into digital text format. Using Carbon Scanner anybody can scan their Government IDs, passport, books and other important documents and store them safely in their android device.

Earlier this year Chinese ‘CamScanner’ app which has been downloaded by over 500 million users was removed from the Google Play Store for malicious adware code inside its app. Differing from their Chinese counterpart ‘CamScanner’, Carbon Scanner doesn’t store any user data on its servers and hence has no security concerns, thus providing a more secure and robust solution to the Indian and global users.

Kartik Sharma, CEO and Founder of KShark Apps, the company behind Carbon Scanner claims their app is 10 times more secure than ‘CamScanner’ because of the way it’s developed. ‘Carbon Scanner enables Cloud Sync by allowing users to upload documents to their Google Drive and Dropbox accounts, thus users have complete control of where their data is stored and how it’s accessed’ mentions Kartik.

Moreover, the app itself is highly secure and protected by multi-tier protection provided by the Android platform. All scans are stored in encrypted local storage and synced to the personal secure cloud platform chosen by the user, there is no question of virus or spyware doing any harm to the documents. KShark Apps is also taking help from some IT security researchers to make Carbon Scanner even more secure for its users.

Carbon Scanner by default supports 6 filters to enhance the quality of the scanned documents. The filters like Grayscale, BW1 and BW2 are perfect if you are looking to scan an official document. The special filter called Magic filter pops out handwritten notes and makes them eligible for sharing. Carbon Scanner also has brightness, sharpness and contrast modulation so the user can get perfect document quality with just a few clicks.

The feature that stands out in Carbon Scanner is its Cloud OCR technology. Using this special feature users can convert their scans into digital text which can later be shared with other users. The text recognition technology in Carbon Scanner supports Indian languages like Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and many others. KShark Apps is building Carbon Scanner with the aim to compete with big global players in the Document Scanner niche, hence they are focusing on high quality features and bringing them to India at an affordable price.

Carbon Scanner is free to use and is available in over 145 countries. Although the app is available for Android users only, an iOS version is coming soon. Since 91% of the Indian smartphone users use Android, most people in India will be able to make use of Carbon Scanner from the get go. The app does have an optional VIP Upgrade which unlocks some of the advanced features that are more suited for business users like document signing functionality, PDF password lock and extra Cloud OCR credits.

Carbon Scanner is designed to be intuitive to use and everyone should be able to make use of it right from the start. Users can create folders to manage all documents in one place and arrange them so that they have easy access to them later. App also contains tutorials for some of the advanced features so it makes the transition from other document scanning apps much easier.

“Carbon Scanner is an Indian App but we are building it so that we can compete in the Global Market. Our app is second to none when it comes to scanning and text recognition. Our aim is to support all users no matter which platform they might use. We believe we can compete with major global players and establish ourselves as a go-to document scanner app in the Global Market. We believe in #VocalForLocal and are building Carbon Scanner with the aim of #LocalToGlobal”, said Kartik Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder of KShark Apps.

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