Mr. North India steps-up with #Likeedreams to open 50 rustic gyms in India for underprivileged people

#Likeedreams initiative was launched to support the talented young Indians from a humble background and big dreams

Mr. Vipin Yadav, former Mr. North India and a renowned fitness influencer has embraced Likee; the pioneering global short video creation platform from Singapore based BIGO Technology to accomplish his mission of providing 50 gyms with free facilities in remote areas of India. Under #Likeedreams initiative by Likee, Vipin has been creating and sharing motivational videos to amplify his engagement with the youth of India and spread awareness about fitness, his mission and his inspiring journey from being a boy-next-door to a fitness influencer, backed with many achievements. More than 1.95 million Likeers are following and engaging with Vipin on the platform to gain knowledge on fitness techniques.

Vipin decided to follow his heart and focus on his fitness to become a renowned bodybuilder when he was very young. However, due to his humble background, Vipin could not adopt the conventional way of realising his dreams. Determined and steadfast in his vision, Vipin built his gym equipment with readily available unused iron rods, cement, bricks and terracotta, and had set up a gym in the family’s farm area. Later he went on to win the title of Mr North India 2017 post following a strict home-based diet and gym routine for a few years and has also bagged many gold medals and titles ever since. As his new mission, Vipin does not only want people to take inspiration but also support him to open 50 rustic gyms, similar to what he had set up for himself, for youth in different villages of India who aim to achieve big. To spread awareness among the right set of target audience, Vipin has joined Likee platform under the #Likeedreams initiative.

With Vipin’s initiative on Likee platform, many young, talented and aspiring youth in villages of India will have easy access to useful resources for them to realise their dreams. Vipin said “I want more and more young people to embrace fitness irrespective of their family background, gender, etc. My experience with Likee has been fantastic as there are so many Likee users who have connected with me to follow the tips and tricks that I share on fitness. As a platform, Likee has reached to far-flung areas of India, and hence it will help me to reach to a large number of people.” 

#Likeedreams is the theme of Likee’s Creator Academy Season 4. Inspired by the Indian government’s Skill India campaign, Creator Academy is a unique initiative of the platform to reach out to select, talented Likee users and train them in polishing their video-making skills. The Academy has completed 3 seasons of training in the past, and with Season 4 #likeedreams, the platform aims to reach out to Likee users from an underprivileged background to train them with professional video making skills. Available in different Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi; Likee app provides the most extensive and innovative tools to users to create dynamic and engaging videos.

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