After the global pandemic now we all are super threatened to do anything. And now that Holi is just a week away many of us are worried on what colours to use and what not to. We all are super conscious about our skin and so many of us have stopped playing Holi because of that.

But here is a solution as the brand Nirmalaya has launched their organic Holi colours which am sure will be loved by all. Organic Holi colours are free from harmful chemicals and can be used by all age group. Now you don’t have to worry about your aged parents & grandparents & also about toddlers at home, as they can also play Holi with Nirmalaya organic gulals.

Other than Gulals Nirmalaya also has some different variants of essential oils for everyone this Holi. If you are looking for something organic, homegrown brand to gift to your friends and family, then you should definitely not miss out on Nirmalayas essential oils. Rose to sandalwood, lavender to neem – they have it all. This Holi 2021 pamper your skin and give your skin goodness of organic elements only from Nirmalaya!

If you want a set of organic gulal for yourself and also for gifting, please check out their Instagram page for all the offers.

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