Okaya crowned as India’s most Desired Brand-2020 in TRA Research report

New Delhi, 16 March 2020 – Okaya Power Pvt Ltd, a multi-billion battery and power back up products company has won the prestigious crown of “India’s most desired brand-2020” in recently released Brand Trust Report- 2020 by brand analytics firm TRA Research. Okaya topped the TRA research ranking amongst the three foremost players in the industry in all India listings of this report.

TRA, which is a Brand Intelligence and Data Insights major dedicated to understand and analyze stakeholder behaviour through globally acclaimed, proprietary matrices of Brand Trust and Brand Attractiveness, bestowed the esteemed recognition upon Okaya in the Inverter Batteries category. Undoubtedly, this achievement is another feather in Okaya’s cap in view of its absolute commitment towards offering customized Energy Storage Solutions to promote solar power, electric vehicles, and their applications in India.

Arush Gupta, Director & CEO,  Okaya Power Pvt. Ltd said, “It’s an extremely proud recognition which has boosted up our morale while we deliver high quality and well-expanded product portfolio. Brand Okaya has always believed in providing the best products to its customers with its focus on innovations, superior technology and after sales support. The acknowledgment is the outcome of the trust and relationship we created over the years which is our key brand factor quotient and it manifests in our relationship with our trade partners many of whom are there with us since the inception of brand Okaya.”

With its excellent range of Lead Acid Batteries along with Lithium batteries, Okaya has set in motion another big revolution in power storage solutions. It has already achieved distinct technological advancements in cell structure with simultaneously commanding excellence in bringing various new innovations in module design of energy storage solutions. Okaya takes pride in delivering only the highest quality product line that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Moreover, Okaya has already taken a great leap forward in providing well equipped EV Charging infrastructure so much so that it’s regarded as one of the largest players in this fast growing segment. Okaya remains committed to provide world-class mobility and living through stationary power, portable power, healthy water and air to billions of people on the planet.

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