Orient Cement’s Latest Brand Film Highlights the Importance of Relationships

Mumbai, 5 March 2020 – Orient Cement Ltd. established in 1979 as part of the C K Birla Group of companies, recently launched their Brand Film across digital platfroms in Hindi, Marathi, Telugu and Kannada to promote Birla.A1 StrongCrete. Through this, the campaign emphasises the importance of family, especially the comfort, security, feeling of safety and longevity a home can provide.

Directed by the popular Bollywood writer and director, Pradeep Sarkar and the creative agency, RK Swamy BBDO, the Brand Film tells the story of a young man, who surprises his girlfriend with a pit stop to his latest project — a huge house in the making. After marvelling at its strong structure and the colossal size, she becomes baffled, wondering which families still live in the joint-family structure anymore.

As the brand film progresses, it becomes clear that her boyfriend is planning towards the future, painting a beautiful picture of this structure being a pivotal haven for each of their family members, both in the present and in the years to come. Having an ancestral home is a luxury which not many have had the chance to experience, and Birla.A1 StrongCrete encourages the new parents to seize the opportunity, and create a home for their future generations. 

The benefits of the special features of Birla.A1 StrongCrete are well highlighted and depicted in the film. This is where Birla.A1 StrongCrete shines, as it is specially designed cement that builds stronger concrete structures in a lesser duration of time. ‘Birla.A1 StrongCrete – The Forever Cement’, a cement engineered to be the best high-strength and fast-setting cement, especially lending that extra-edge for load bearing concrete applications such as foundation, columns, beams, and slabs etc., while also being the ideal cement for crack-free constructions and finishes. Its higher strength, faster setting time and increased durability ensures the structures built with it are stronger and last longer. The film further showcases the culture of longevity that is deeply ingrained in our country and is represented through our long lasting relationships and traditions that last several lifetimes.

Deepak Khetrapal, MD and CEO of Orient Cement Ltd., said, “We, at Orient Cement share our society’s deep ethos that our home and our heart is where the family is, it is a safe haven and a source of emotional comfort. We believe that in a fragmented and fast changing world, homes built for coming generations will keep families together and help preserve family as the core, the heart of our nation’s emotional and social fabric. Our aim has always been to provide cement that can create long-lasting structures, and Birla.A1 StrongCrete is a reflection of our commitment towards the same. The brand film reaffirms the positioning of Birla.A1 StrongCrete as ‘The Forever Cement’, a cement with ‘Exceptional Strength’ to enable families to build a home for generations.”

“Our creative approach for Birla.A1 StrongCrete stems from the insight that India is a country with a culture of longevity – our relationships last seven lifetimes, our traditions last for yugas and our buildings are for centuries. For the creative idea, we’ve tapped into two emotions – of love, and of the security and anchoring we find in family. As a brand Birla.A1 StrongCrete wants to stand for the permanence of love and family, championing it in the context of a ‘family home’ as our anchor,” explains Manish Dua, President – Sales and Marketing, Orient Cement Ltd.

“Strength is a generic promise in the cement category. A story of product superiority is hardly credible in all the noise in the space. We are attempting our communication to connect with the emotion of ‘families forever’, a common aspiration for people building homes for their families. Birla.A1 StrongCrete cement enables this aspiration,” says Vijay Gopal, President South & East, RK Swamy BBDO.

The brand promise of ‘The Forever Cement’ has been crafted basis the insight that consumers want to build family homes that last long and in effect, they want to leave behind a legacy for their next generation. Watch it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xpZy_h5MNg&feature=youtu.be

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