Ready to have the Vaccine Pav?

Food is not just a basic need; it is much more than that. It is not just eaten when we are hungry; it is enjoyed, relished, and loved. A good breakfast makes our day, and a good snack makes our mood. Food is supposed to be mouth-watering, amazing, delicious, and obviously creative.

Food can always cheer you up. From an unexpected break up to expected examinations, food can help you sail through any kind of emotion. Whether you are sad, stressed, anxious, de-motivated, or angry, food platter is what you need to feel better. Well, let’s admit that we Indians are very creative at making food. We all love to experiment in kitchen such as adding Garam masala to Pasta or beans toppings on Pizza. We can give a ‘Desi’ touch to almost anything we cook. Food is life for us! We are really good at creating unique dishes. And another thing at which we are good is probably CREATING MEMES!

Hence, it wasn’t a surprise Twitter was suddenly flooded with memes that involved various Indian cities and their famous dishes for administering the vaccine for Covid-19. “Put the vaccine in…” was the latest meme, and people suggested delicious street food such as Vada Pav, Ros Omlette, Halwa Puri, Litti Chokha, Dahi Vada, and Momos for this purpose. Some of the interesting tweets were

“Put the vaccine in a pav and the whole of Mumbai will get vaccinated before noon.”

“Put the vaccine in halwa puri and the entire country will be vaccinated on Sunday.”

“Put the vaccine in a pav and the whole of Mumbai will get vaccinated before noon.”

Meanwhile, Coronavirus vaccinations are expected to begin on January 16. The largest vaccination drive will begin with the frontline workers. So, would the vaccination centre be a hospital or food court, we wonder! Well, I would love to get the vaccination through Gol Gappes… he he he!

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