Rustomjee Urbania launches Virtual Summer Fest

Mumbai, 1 June 2020 – Rustomjee Urbania hosted the first ever Virtual Summer Fest over the weekend of May 22-24, 2020. Despite the lockdown, Rustomjee Urbania ensured that the tradition of a special summer camp for children was upheld, albeit they shifted it to a digital platform.

For the convenience of all, the Virtual Summer Fest was conducted on Zoom and Facebook Live. There were several who also opted for content engagement on YouTube. In keeping with the credo of Leon’s World Centre of Holistic Development and Learning, this year’s line-up of online events ensured that the children had ‘fun while learning.’  Just on Zoom, there were almost 300 children who had registered, while on Facebook the number of views exceeded 40,000 with over 2,000 engagements. The most amazing aspect of this year’s summer fest that was that along with the children from Urbania, others from not just Mumbai but pan-India and across the globe also participated. There were children from Canada, USA, Singapore, England, UAE and Mauritius who enjoyed engaging with the expert story-tellers.

This year’s Summer Fest was a wonderful kaleidoscope of stories, books and family time. Experienced narrators and authors enthralled the children with their tales that sparked the imagination. The repertoire of ‘story-smiths’ included Ahok Rajagopalan and Sandhya Rao of Tulika Publication; Vikram Sridhar, the Story-telling Fellow; Madhuri kale, Magical Whispers; Satish Desa, Wag Tales; Falguni Jha and Utkarsha Kotian.

It was a time for fun and family as along with story-telling, interacting with the authors and understanding the nuances of writing a book review, children, parents and even grandparents participated in games like ‘Play a Book’ and ‘the Family Quiz’.

Needless to say, lockdown notwithstanding, the Rustomjee Urbania Summer Fest was a huge hit – this year a global one.

According to Percy S. Chowdhry, Director, Rustomjee Group, “The success of this year’s Rustomjee Urbania Virual Summer Fest has far exceeded even our expectations. Our aim was to ensure that despite the lockdown the children should not miss out on our annual summer fest at Urbania. We firmly stand by our motto of ‘Childhood’s Available’ and our efforts will always be focused around giving the young generation the best childhood experience possible. This year, thanks to the wide reach of technology, we were able to extend the joys of Urbania’s Summer Fest to children around the world.”

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