San Francisco: World’s Most Romantic Airport

San Francisco, 13 February 2020 – During the Golden Age of travel, romantic couples and parents looking for a cost effective kids’ activity would visit their local airport’s observation deck to take in the “big birds.” Today, selfie-lovers are reinventing the observation deck. San Francisco International Airport (SFO), the world’s most romantic airport, opens the new Sky Terrace on February 14 to welcome Valentines from around the world.

The Sky Terrace offers unobstructed views of the intersection of all four runways, allowing for much more plane spotting, with both aircraft takeoffs and landings clearly visible.

Built at the top of the former airport Control Tower, the Sky Terrace is open to the public (no plane ticket required), and includes a SFO Museum exhibit about the history and architecture of the 1954 terminal that once existed in the same area. Guests are welcome to bring food, and by June 2020 a café will be added to the space.

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