‘The Haunted Ship’ story a ‘scary’ marvel for listeners

Bollywood has offered us several horror flicks, which have succeeded in scaring the audience and keeping them on the edge of their seats in theatres. But same cannot be said for Vicky Kaushal’s latest outing, Bhoot: Part one – The Haunted Ship, which resorts to conventional horror flick elements like chilling background score, spooky settings and timely jumpscares. However, a story with similar name, The Haunted Ship, is making strides on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Conceived and narrated by Kahanikar Sudhanshu Rai, The Haunted Ship is the story of two individuals – Kevin D’Souza and Sam Abraham – who buy an ancient ship from a scrap dealer. They renovate the ship and embark on their first journey, when all hell breaks loose.

What appears to be a pleasant much-needed break for the protagonists of the story starts turning into a nightmare when they hear a woman’s horrifying scream from the ship’s basement. They rush to the spot only to be introduced to the writing on the wall – le décès, which means death.

Bewildered and scared by the happenings around, they try to process the developments. But before they could even start to get hold of things, the ship’s mysteries begin to get unfolded one after another.

The pace and frequent scares in the movie aptly capture the attention of listeners and scare the living daylights out of them. There are gasps of shock in the story that sends chills down the spine.

The first part of the story has been ended by the narrator at a point where listeners can’t help but wait with bated breath for the next edition of the story. Will Kevin and Sam unveil the mystery of the ship? Will they be able to take control of the happenings around? It is yet to be seen in the next part of The Haunted Ship, which will be released next week.

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