Out of all the emotions in the world, love drives us, motivates us and inspires us to go beyond our capacity to leave an example for the world to cherish. Therefore, love stories never cease to amaze us. One such love story is of Sahnil Bhatnagar from India and Sam Bechara from Brazil, who are among top Likee influencers from their respective countries. They first met virtually on Likee and what followed afterwards is not far from a perfect breezy Bollywood love story flick which everyone loves to watch.


You may wonder how much time does it take to fall in love at first sight? Well, the love story of Sahnil and Sam may give us that answer now – 15 SECONDS! Following his daily routine, Sahnil was exploring Likee app to plan his next video upload and stumbled upon an entertaining video of Sam. Instantly, Sahnil was impressed with her screen presence and followed her Likee account for more updates. It took one live video session on Likee for Sam to connect with Sahnil. As usual, Sam was conducting a live video streaming on Likee to connect with her fans, when she reciprocated the greetings of Sahnil and followed him back to receive future updates from him.

Gradually, the duo started to work together on Likee videos and received an overwhelming response from their fans on both sides. Their attraction towards each other grew stronger day by day, and as the perfect love birds, they started to talk more to understand each other better. They knew it was love when the distance between the two countries pushed both to stick with their smartphones all the time to talk, share pictures, updates and more.

The twists and thrills of a long-distance relationship

The love was in the air since their couple videos had more number of fans and response than their individual videos. The Likeers lovingly addressed both as #LikeeCouple. But what would happen next, nobody knew. Would they declare their love for each other or is this going to be another love story impacted by long-distance?

Their popularity did not go unnoticed by Likee. The platform soon realized the gravity of their love and decided to capture their story in its first-ever web series launched on Likee and Instagram. Like other beautiful love stories, #LikeeCouple web series also concluded with a heart-warming moment indicating the new beginnings in the lives of Sahnil and Sam. Finally, overwhelmed with the special bond Sahnil shared with Sam, he decided to visit Brazil and surprise Sam. He took the surprise to the next level, by proposing to Sam and offering an engagement ring to seal the love deal.

The first web series by Likee, inspired by the real events was also thoroughly enjoyed by the fans of #LikeeCouple who eagerly awaited for the duo to come together. The series began with the reconstruction of initial attraction between the two and concluded with an undeclared plan of Sahnil to visit Brazil. The series beautifully captured the authentic emotions of the couple during the most crucial moment of proposal, leaving the fans in profound thoughts filled with gratitude.

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