Tips to stay positive during pandemic

Author: Dr. Priya Kaul

Coronavirus is causing a lot of anxiety. Since it is important to stay stress-free during this time, here’s a roadmap on how to stay calm and positive:

1. Stay positive and practice gratitude and love mindset, don’t let fear, negativity or herd thinking seep in.

2. Stay healthy, minimize or cut out unhealthy habits and switch to immunity boosting foods.

3. Exercise 6 days a week.

4. Stay hydrated. Avoid alcohol.

5. Breathe and meditate.

6. Practice contrast bath therapy to relieve stress.

7. Indulge in your favourite hobby.

8. Rest well

9. Community- during this time, we should come together, support and help each other emotionally and build each other up.

10. Manifest positive change in our world, in our thinking, in our communities, in our energy and beyond.

The author is spiritual healer and hope creator 

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