Used 2W Brand CredR to Offer 12 Month Warranty

New Delhi, 15 July 2020 – CredR, an omnichannel used two-wheeler consumer brand, now offers a 12 Month Comprehensive Warranty on each and every used two-wheeler sold through its showrooms. The used two-wheelers that are sold under this offering will receive a 100% cover on any damage to the engine or the gearbox of the said used two-wheeler. With coverage of over 40 critical components of the engine and gearbox, this warranty claims to save a consumer upto 20,000 in a single year. The 12 Month Comprehensive Warranty also includes 4 mandatory servicings that regulate the wear and tear of the two-wheeler. These services will be fulfilled at CredR’s wide network of authorized service centres.

With the unlocking of all major cities, there has been a massive shift towards personal mobility as compared to public transportation, due to the fear of contracting the virus. CredR has witnessed a 200% surge in demand between Lockdown 1.0 and Unlock 2.0. With an anticipated increase in on-road usage coupled with monsoons, the 12 Month Comprehensive Warranty has been  launched to cover the most expensive and unexpected damages to the two wheeler.

“CredR is a full-stack business which operates large scale, mechanised refurbishment centres and hires skilled auto experts to refurbish their two-wheelers before sale. This strong grip on the quality of our refurbished two-wheelers gives us the confidence to extend the warranty offering from 6 months to a 12 Months Warranty for our customers, which no other company can offer,” said Sasidhar Nandigam, Chief Strategy Officer, CredR. He further explained that their bike procurement processes have been standardised over a period of last 5 years and the process keeps evolving on a real time basis. “Our expertise lies in sourcing the right quality bikes from different brands and refurbishing them for best quality. This extended service will  further help our customers to take advantage of our expertise, maintain the two-wheeler in good condition for 12 months and sell it back to us at a great price in a year via our recently launched Buyback Plus Program,” he concluded.

CredR recently launched their online booking and contactless delivery features which allows customers from far and wide to book their bikes online and receive a home delivery of their chosen two-wheeler. Additionally, the brand also provides Paper Transfer assistance and insurance with each and every two-wheeler.

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