Video platforms emerging as the mainstay for social content

Ever since video viewing and making abilities have been clubbed with internet service, there has been an exponential growth in video content consumption. Of course, the decreasing cost of data has and will continue to encourage the growth of video consumption. With approx 451 million monthly active internet users, whereas 97% of Indians accessing the internet via their mobiles, India has the most extensive base of internet users, after China with 802 million internet users. However, the saga of smartphone and internet penetration in India is far from the saturation point as yet, and the numbers are further expected to grow significantly.

By spending almost 17 hours a day surfing on the internet, an average Indian user sought after social media platforms for keeping up with friends, for entertainment and also to stay abreast with the latest development in the world. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have made a common man more social, aware and curious. Riffing off the traditional social media behemoths, the new-age video-lead social platforms such as Likee are redefining the meaning and purpose of social media.

Launched in 2017, Likee by BIGO Technology has emerged as one of the most popular apps among the Indian youths. The platform has been able to tap into the curiosity of young Indians with a vast number of AI and AR-based filters as well as stickers, and also with exciting #challenges that go viral in no time.

On video platforms, a user is not only a “consumer” but a ‘”creator” too! 

With platforms such as Likee and other similar apps, a user is empowered with easy-to-use tools and one-tap functions for creating high-quality and professional-like videos in no time. Furthermore, video platforms enable users to perform meaningful time on social media due to various reasons. Firstly, by leveraging AI, the platforms quickly study its users’ preferences and start feeding the content that the user likes to consume. Secondly, the platforms have dedicated sections for what is trending in users’ country and also in the world. This enables users to create content that has a ready audience as well as contribute to the trends with their own quirky style and creativity.

Making social life more meaningful

Undeniably Likee became a hotbed for Bollywood and brands to promote upcoming movies, music albums and services to the young Indians. With innovative video-led promotion activities and the golden opportunities for the users to meet their favourite Bollywood stars, users on Likee gave their best in #challenges. Some memorable film/music promotion activities were that of Chhicchore, Housefull4 with its famous #TheBalaChallenge, Dabangg3, #Filhall music video and many more. Many videos generated under the campaigns went viral on the internet for being funny, creative, etc.

While the video platforms are a rage among the youth for their positive ‘entertaining’ content, but in the previous year platforms such as Likee have taken steps to club entertainment with social causes to create an irreversible impact. Initiatives such as #Likeedreams that was launched to discover the underrated talented youth of India became a huge hit. Various campaigns such as #KillTheChill, #Danceforanimals and others urged the users to be more kind towards the underprivileged people of society during chilly winters of Northern India and donate warm clothes or quilts. #Danceforanimals invited users to come forward with videos on dance move with their pet or an animal and spread awareness on kindness towards animals and donate money for them.

With a sharp focus on creating valuable content for their users, platforms such as Likee are strengthening their position, and are also emerging as a platform for brands to engage with the youth innovatively. The meteoric growth of Likee and other similar platforms cements that video platforms are and will continue to be the mainstay for social content consumption in India.

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