Volunteering as a service from Sunaayy Foundation during lockdown

New Delhi, 26 May 2020 – At this time when the world is facing a huge crisis due to the massive outbreak of pandemic, Sunaayy Foundation is distributing food and other relief materials to migrant labourers, underprivileged children and their families. Everyone has come forward to volunteer their services or with their valuable contribution towards this great cause.

The most remarkable ones are the participation of senior school students from India as well as various parts of the world who have come forward as the volunteers for innovative fundraising activities, creating awareness about various cultural aspects, bad effects of drugs and topics relevant to other social lacunas through online interactive activities, conducting chess and art classes, designing and conceptualizing social media and other collaterals, and many other impactful work in their own ways.

Siddhant Sharma, a student of class XIII of VVS School based in New Delhi said, “The damaging COVID-19 virus has put a pause on the daily activities we perform. Our luxuries provided at home blind us towards the impact on the life of the underprivileged citizens in our community. The economy falling, businesses shutting down and the unemployment increasing at an immense rate has led these people to become jobless and being stranded on roads without basic resources. During this lockdown, I have decided to pitch in with an NGO called, Sunaayy Foundation to provide basic essentials for these people so they can feed their families, not lose hope and get through this pandemic as one. I have been working with this organization for the past 5 years.

From teaching underprivileged kids English, math and other studies to teaching them hobbies like chess and taking them on field trips to certain locations help in these children’s overall development. They can become literate and attend school and can earn well for their families; by providing these services to children they can grasp opportunities and become a healthy member of our economy and environment. Disregarding the starling division in our society amongst people, it is important to understand that by providing social service in any way can benefit these people in ways we don’t consider as important.

These people have no proper roofs above their heads, no basic facilities and resources we exploit, no wages of any form and minimum level of literacy. 68.8% of India’s population lives under 150 rupees in a day; during this deadly disease we can prevent the growth of the virus by providing these citizens with resources and food items that improve their health and nutritional status. Productivity can come in terms of how we pitch in to benefit our surrounding environment and society. I hope we can take a stand and help the people who are in desperate need”.

Anika Singh, a student of grade 9 Robbinsville High School located at New Jersey USA said, “Sunaayy Foundation and my family has a deep relation with my mother being engaged, than my sister and presently myself and it has somehow found a way in our lives. I am engaged with Sunaayy to teach the kids, raise funds and spread awareness related to the organisation from friends to strangers. Most recently, I am leading efforts to raise awareness and funds in these difficult times in the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Siona Wadhawan, a student of grade 10 University Prep School based out of Seattle USA said, “Though away from India, settled in Seattle, Washington but I try my capacity to help Sunaayy Foundation through fundraising. Whenever back in the country I make sure to visit the schools and get firsthand experience of the amazing work done by Sunaayy and Richa aunt who has also taught me that passion and determination can change the lives of so many.  I had the opportunity to engage in the number of activities with the kids; we ate cookies, drew butterflies, and even helped them read English alphabets. I was amazed to see the eagerness to learn amongst the kids and also the importance given to education and learning.”

Arnav Pandit, a student of class XI of Shriram School based in New Delhi said, “My journey with Sunaayy Foundation began when I was in the 7th grade. It started with me volunteering at the weekly hobby club on Saturdays. I would teach the children chess. After some time I became the organizer for the hobby classes and continued teaching the children along with other volunteers. I also digitized Sunaayy’s attendance records in the summer of 8th grade. Seeing all those registers full of the names of children eager to learn truly made me feel happy. We had started running into some problems with the funding for the hobby class. So in the winter of 9th grade, I raised 1.5 lakh rupees through fundraisers to continue the hobby class. My journey with Sunaayy has been an extremely educational and eye-opening one. Interacting with these children weekly and seeing how eager they are to broaden their horizons has opened my eyes. I am grateful every day for what I have! Sunaayy has been a great platform for me to give back to society.”

They have set bar raising examples of how one could volunteer at any age, from any location, and with any skill and not only make a social impact but also send a powerful message of volunteering to the whole world.

“Sunaayy Foundation takes huge pride in having an association of volunteers where individuals and groups come together to offer their selfless service to educate and nourish the underprivileged children and make sure they remain healthy. While each such intervention may seem small, the summation of service volunteering add up and makes Sunaayy Foundation what it is today” said Richa Prasant, Founder of Sunaayy Foundation.

Sunaayy Foundation has always come forward to help their children and their families as well as other daily wage labourers. Realizing the loss of work and wages, and the corona attack on the very livelihood of 2300 migrant workers’ families whose 450 children are a part of Sunaayy Foundation in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi centre. Sunaayy Foundation serves these disadvantaged children and families to bridge the gap left by Government initiatives in areas of health, nutrition, and early childhood education. Sunaayy has successfully implemented a cluster-based strategy through a multi-grade sustainable learning system in a safe environment. Most students come from migrant families who have settled in the slums or informal settlements of the Vasant Kunj area in New Delhi. Their parents are mostly employed as daily wage laborers or engaged in the informal/unorganized labor sector.

In fact, Sunaayy Foundation’s existence and sustenance is pivoted on creating this bond between the service volunteers and the beneficiaries. Volunteers can directly deliver and witness the value they provide to the poor and needy and the beneficiaries continue to draw their energies, inspiration and support directly from these volunteers. This solid connection evokes and exemplifies the value of “Suneeti” and the spirit of “Karma Yoga” that makes Sunaayy Foundation what it is today. For more information, please visit www.sunnayyfoundation.org

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