Watch top 10 viral videos from Likee in the past week

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Likee, a popular global short-video creation platform with diverse user-generated content is experiencing massive growth in India and has emerged as the most-preferred platform for youth to express themselves. Today we bring you the 10 most popular and hilarious videos from Likee to kick-off your weekend with laughter blast!

The first-of-its-kind beauty with the broom story was broadcasted on Likee. A beautiful girl ditches her house cleaning routine to showcase some groovy dance moves. Want to join her?

Diwali festival may have concluded, but not for this Likee user. What do you think?

Look at the third video, Puppet Dance by those two kids, how cute they are!

Do you have a dream to be a movie star? Check this girl’s acting skills as she mimics her favourite actor!

And that is a 5-star performance, we say!

After watching this video You will be compelled to say “Wah! Wah!” Want to create similar videos? Join Likee’s Talent Creator Union that has been created to provide a big stage for talented creators.

It is hard to not to smile after watching this cute, heart-lifting performance

Driving in style, but where is she going?! HAHA!

Love makes the world go round! LITERALLY!

Want to play with Likee’s special effects? Watch the last video, Likee has brought you to a magical world of special powers!

Still thinking about where to express your imagination and creativity? Join Likee and showcase your talent anywhere, anytime!

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