What HR Managers should do differently?

Bhawna Bhatia – HR at Dudes & Dolls World

By Bhawna Bhatia

The HR department in any organization is the core of their business. Most often, it is the first touch point that any outsider encounter either to apply for a job or to enquire about the organization. Whenever anyone inside the organization is going through a question or an issue, they always turn up to the HR department.

For an HR manager, there are so many management styles that favours their roles and responsibilities, but what makes a difference is the people-oriented style which always focuses on the employees first.

So, here are the top 5 things that people-oriented HR Managers should do differently in the organization.

  1. Always help manage the employee’s stress

It is quite evident that stress is one of the most talked-about issues that employees face inside the organization. The HR manager who are people-oriented, should always focus and promote a healthy work environment and encourage the employees towards their mental health. Encourage them to take timely vacations and spend time with their families.

  • Always show gratitude

Thank you might sound like a very simple and overused word, but it has been proved in many studies that employees who are recognized and appreciated at the workplace, tend to be happy and encourage others to be the same.

  • Regulation interaction about Goals and Challenges

Employees are always concerned about their work objectives and hence they always perform the best when they feel connected to the company goals and objectives. The HR managers should always make sure to timely discuss the goals of an employee and the challenges they are facing to achieve them. A simple challenge in IT equipment, if resolved, can help them achieve their goals on time and keep their morale high.

  • Time to time Training

Employees who are well trained and equipped with the best resources are always prepared to meet any organization goal on time. Being trained in their respective fields works as the strong foundation of employee satisfaction and excellent performance. It is important to remember time-to-time training of all the employees using the tools designed for the way they learn.

The HR managers inside an organization have a lot of responsibility and authority towards shape their workplace. And by employing policies and plans aimed at making employees happier, always benefits the organization.

The Writer is the HR at Dudes & Dolls World.

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