When Dreams come true with VMate

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t dream of achieving success, fame, and money, but how many of them are able to fulfill their dream? Today, when social media is buzzing at its peak, trending platforms like VMate indeed comes as a dais for the common man. VMate, a trending short video platform launched in 2017, has been embraced by a large number of Indians. The platform is well-liked for empowering common people with easy-to-use video editing tools, innovative VR stickers, and interesting duet functions to create unforgettable moments and interact with people in the VMate community. In India, millions of people showcase their life moments on VMate every day, and some of them have been able to actualize their dreams of earning a livelihood through VMate videos. Today, we will look into some of the VMate creators who were able to fulfill their dreams.

Abdullah Pathan’s Date with Sunny Leone

Twenty Fours years old Abdullah Pathan from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, recently got a chance to go on a date with Sunny Leone. He is already a popular video creator with over 6 lakh followers on VMate. Aadullah is a passionate and self-taught stunt-man who loves to create nail-biting, action-packed videos on VMate. He aspires to be a WWE wrestler.

When a housewife Sangeeta Navik won a car

Owning a car is seen as a necessity in cities, but in a village, it is an “unimaginable” thought for many since most of them do not earn enough to consume the recommended number of meals in a day. Sangeeta Navik of Jaunpur overtook 7 mn participants to when she emerged as one of the ultimate winners and received the car with grand celebrations.

Katihaar’s Star Anju Singh

Anju left Mumbai leaving behind her dreams of becoming a Bollywood Star, but kept on pursuing her passion for acting on VMate. She joined VMate in July 2019 with the sole purpose of utilizing her acting skills to create & share entertaining vlogs on her life.

Seldom did she know that her VMate videos will contribute to her popularity and position her as a local celebrity in her community. Hailing from a humble background, Anju always had a keen interest in acting and even shifted her base to Mumbai to realize her dreams of becoming an actor, but she found success on VMate. Currently, she is not only enjoying her fame but is also earning around INR 1-2 lakhs every month. Today, Anju is able to afford a good lifestyle for herself and has even received a few role-offers from regional movie makers.

Naina Jee-A girl who is now a boon for her family

Naina Jee shot to fame through her incredible acting skills on VMate. She is a resident of Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh, and started using VMate in March 2019. Within a few months of joining VMate, she managed to cross more than 2 million followers and got listed herself among the top 3 creators with maximum followers. She is known for her inspiring personality and the courage to transform her hobby into a lucrative earning opportunity. Today Naina is earning around INR 2 Lacs a month and can support her family with a decent lifestyle. Naina is now a proud owner of a flat in Ghaziabad and is happily spending her life with her child and husband.

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