Why Likee Has Emerged as Top Social Media App

The rising trend of recording short video and sharing the videos online has become a rage in the online communities. It is continuously growing strong, especially, amid the youth, who want to express their talent and skills. They have been responding to video creation in high numbers. Tapping on the short video creation and sharing trends, Likee was launched in 2017 by BIGO Technologies, Singapore. Today it has emerged as one of the top 10 most downloaded app platforms in the world (As per Sensor Tower report, Dec 2019). Likee became the 6th most popular app across the globe with more than 330 million downloads (more than half of downloads from India). The platform is growing at a massive rate of 173%, year on year globally.

Likee also became No.1 “breakout” app of 2019 according to the App Annie report. Let’s explore what makes Likee the mass favourite among users in India.

Bollywood Integration: Competitions and #challenges to create new short video is trending way to attract huge number of users. This has become a key tool for the Bollywood industry for movie promotions. Likee is immensely popular in the Indian metro cities as well as Tier 2 and 3 cities, having options to broadcast, and use custom filters. These features are being increasingly leveraged by Bollywood in a unique manner. The movie Housefull 4 saw significant success in its viewership with the #TheBalaChallenge that garnered over 682 million views on Likee. Lately, movies such as Dabangg3, Chhichore, Panipat, Housefull 4 have leveraged from the hashtags to reach millions, through Likee.

Likee Dreams: The platform had launched an initiative called #Likeedreams for the noble cause. Under this initiative, the platform is actively working for social issues and discovering young talents. Among one of the #LikeeDreams initiative, Likee user Anmol Rodriguez (an acid attack survivor), has utilized the Likee platform to raise her voice against a heinous crime like Acid Attack. With help of Likee platform, she is reaching every corner in India, and voicing her opinion on self-worth and dignity.

Innovative Challenges: Likee is popular for launching many innovative hashtag challenges. #IAMINDIAN, #KillTheChill, #HudHudDabanggChallenge and more gained quick success clocking millions of views from Indians. Most remarkably, Likee won the Guinness World Record for creating Largest online video album of people waving a national flag. The No matter where I am, #IAMINDIA; the campaign saw more than 1 lac Indians participating in celebrating India’s 73rd Independence Day.

Vernacular Content: In India, Likee is available in more than 15 Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi. Further, Likee’s collaboration with Indus App Bazaar and others have led to a quick expansion of the platform in the regional markets within the country. Indus App Bazaar is India’s Largest Indigenous App Store with more than 60 million active users from the metro as well as smaller cities and villages in India.

Parental Controls: Likee is also focusing on creating a safe environment for online activities on its platform. Recently, the platform had launched ‘Parental Controls’ feature to enable parents and guardians for to filter content for underage teen users. Herein, parents can simply activate restriction on content viewed by the youngsters and kids. By integrating such a feature, Likee has enhanced its role and share of social responsibility for such high numbers of audiences in India.

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